About OPS

Offshore Process Services, Inc. (OPS) is a certified professional engineering firm located in the state of Louisiana. OPS formed in 1988 and has evolved from a one man operation with a single client into a competitive engineering corporation with nearly fifty employees and a variety of clients.

We provide quality engineering, project management, and inspection to the oil, gas, and petrochemical industries. OPS is an innovative company consisting of established engineers and client representation services in the following areas:

  • Engineering and Project Management of offshore, onshore, and petrochemical facility construction including scheduling, procurement, fabrication, supervision, and installation of structures, foundations, compressors, vessels, pumps, and pipelines.
  • Structural design of minimal structures, caissons, and four pile platforms.
  • AWS Certified and on-site supervision involving structural, inter-connect piping, pipelines, and equipment installation.
  • NACE Certified of both small and large coating projects.
  • DIving company representation and Data Recording of underwater construction including Level I, II, and III platform inspections, structure installation and removal, and pipeline installation, repair and salvage.